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My name is Tamas Varju. The beginning of our story and my passion for leatherwork dates back to the 1990’s. 

Here at Varju Leather we make the finest quality leather products and we use only traditional techniques such as hand sewing, weaving, dying and so on. 
We only use the highest quality vegetable tanned leathers from the best manufacturers.

British bridle leather for our belts, for small items such as wallets and card holders we use leather from Tuscany, we use the world famous French goatskin and the highest quality leathers for sword sheaths and scabbards. Handmade brass buckles and the top-quality threads and dyes to achieve unique, long lasting and exclusive items. 

We ship our products to every corner of the world, and we take great pride on having happy customers from more than fifty countries.



Men's Messenger Bag

Women's Clutch Bag

Limited Edition Avancorpo Leather Card Holder

Card Holder Made of Tuscan Leather



Handmade Leather Card Holder (Pellealvegetale Certificate)

Traditional Men’s Bridle Leather Belt

Traditional Unisex Bridle Leather Belt






In developing our sword scabbards, we took into account the process of making medieval scabbards and put together our current collection using contemporary technologies. 

Each scabbard is based on a wooden frame, which is made based on the individual parameters of the customer's sword. This is followed by coating the frame with 2 mm thick, vegetable tanned calfskin, with great emphasis on details, embossing and punching. This is followed by hand sewing using special thread. Lin Cable is a factory with a long history, founded in 1847, which offers top-class quality and, at the same time, exceptional durability in the field of threads made from natural ingredients. 

The straps and suspensions are also made of vegetable tanned raw material, krupon, which is used to make horse tools and straps. These raw materials are very resistant and durable, as are the copper accessories and buckles, which get a beautiful patina over time. 

It is important for us to offer our customers products made from the highest possible quality raw materials.

Our current collection represents the direction of sportsmanship for Hema fencers. We offer several styles of sword cases in our diverse offer, currently our customers can choose from 12 models. 

Because we work exclusively by hand based on individual parameters, the production time for individual scabbards is two months.

In addition, authentic sword scabbards are continuously made to order in our workshop. In case of an individual order or if you are interested, please contact us at info@varjuco.com, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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