Simple scabbard sheath

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In designing our base leather sword scabbard, we have dreamed of a product that is both impressive and practical, and that can be easily extended to suit the needs of our customers with different style suspensions.

Like all of our swords scabbards, this model features a carefully selected inner wooden frame covered with high-quality, vegetable tanned leather.

We are proud to use only manual techniques in the manufacturing process, including dyeing and sewing. High quality and extremely durable copper accessories are produced in a limited edition with the utmost care in a limited edition.

Because sword scabbards are made to the unique parameters of the customer's sword (these are always requested prior to the manufacturing process), it is guaranteed that each customer will receive a perfectly unique product.

The simple side sword scabbard is available in 5 basic colors: black, brown, blue, green and red, but we are open to custom ideas so you can choose from two dozen more shades.

Thank you to the hundreds of customers who have used our products with satisfaction in over 50 countries worldwide. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at at

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