Men's Vintage Messenger Bag: Hand Sewing Versus Machine Sewing

Hand sewing requires a high degree of precision and is often a time-consuming task in leathercraft, but among its many benefits, perhaps the most important is the durability of the stitches.

One hand-stitched product retains its durability for decades by choosing the right thread, which is one of the main reasons why we do not compromise on this and only sew each of our products by hand.

The difference between hand-sewing and machine-sewing is not only obvious to the profession, but also to laymen who have ever bought handmade leather goods.
We cannot deny that the price of this hand-stitched product is higher, but we guarantee that our products will last for years, not for a season.

Our new saddlestitched Men's Vintage Messenger Bag model is available at the following link: